A Real Tricorder?

Most of you remember Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the surgeon aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise starship from the original “Star Treck” TV series. In that series he used a hand held diagnostic instrument called a “tricorder” to read the patient’s vital signs in seconds. He did not have to take a blood sample or puncture the skin to do it. Recently a technology company called Bizoom has developed a real life tricorder: the Biozoom biofeedback scanner.   The Biozoom biofeedback scanner is the only handheld diagnostic device of its kind worldwide that tests for your health WITHOUT blood tests or piercing your skin. Units have already been built and used by doctors in hospital settings-with gratifying results. The product will soon be available to healthcare practitioners and the general public. Last fall I wrote about the probability of this technology in an e-letter in the near future, but I did not expect it quite this soon.

What this means is that soon-within 18 months, you will be able to monitor your blood chemistry at home-in seconds-without having your blood drawn through a needle at a diagnostic lab, and then waiting 3 to 5 days for results-or paying for the test. A second generation of the device is already being developed to revolutionize many areas of medicine ranging from biofeedback and oxidative stress to blood pressure and diabetes. Already in development is a nanotechnology version of the Biozoom scanner technology. The apparatus will be miniaturized to the size of a microchip, enabling Biozoom’s biofeedback scanning capability to be integrated into smart phones and virtually any other small consumer device.

The process is quite easy: The palm sized scanner will be held against the skin, press a button, and the results are available in 16 milliseconds. The Biozoom Scanner uses a beam of light to detect and measure antioxidant levels, vitamins, oxidative stress and cytochrome oxidase, a critical enzyme that aids in the production of energy in your cells. The optical scanner also measures VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight-an indicator or your body’s endurance for physical activity.

Planned upgrades to the Biozoom device will enable measurement of blood alcohol, cholesterol, drugs, chornic venus insufficiency, blood pressure, smoke poisoning and oxygen saturation of blood. One test that I would find very useful-and one that I hope they develop-is blood pH. Blood pH tests the alkalinity of the blood-a very important marker of health. The Biozoom scanner is also being developed to be calibrated to measure blood sugar levels-an essential daily test for diabetics that currently requires a pin-prick with a sharp needle. As I wrote last fall, eventually our cell phones/tablets may have as many applications for health as for anything else. The Biozoom device will cost no more than a smart phone and will most likely require a subscription for services; much like the cell phone industry operates right now.

Technology is continuing to level the playing field in health care, and I believe will lower health costs and reduce office visits. [I don’t foresee any do-it-yourself hand-held device delivering a chiropractic adjustment anytime soon!] I will keep you updated on this interesting and useful technology, and eventually I plan to purchase a scanner myself.


Pual Firnhaber – Lincoln Disc and Nutrition



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