Rip Off at Travelocity



We bought tix today for a trip to SFO but not before a very poor experience with the Travelocity web site and support.


We spotted a great air fair for $281 round trip and went through pages of data entry, finding Frequent flier numbers and picking our seats. Much to my shock, when the chard card page popped up, the price had jumped to $455 each. I might have not noticed and finished the card authorization.


Ever vigilant, I called the support number. They clearly wanted to do the booking for me but now quoted $480 each. This is $200 more than the trap they laid for me at the onset. Curious, I asked why it went up from $455 to $480 per person just for making the call. It was the booking fee…



A bit out of sorts, I asked him to explain why I would pay $35 each ticket for their help? He then lowered the price to $462 each. I guess many of us must be easily duped.


I ended the transaction and gave up all my data entry and went to where the whole process worked as it should and we got our trip for $281 each. Not only that but Delta had more seats to choose from for each of the legs of our trip.


So – I say – get an idead from Travelocity but go to the source when booking.

Has anyone else had similar experieces?











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