Tips for Your Mom

Here are some helpful tips to create a meaningful Mother’s Day.

  • Use photographs of familiar people or objects to start a conversation. Pictures taken when the person was young may be more meaningful.
  • Present a wrapped gift, something that is fun to open, hold, look at and smell, that brings comfort or joy. It could be something as simple as a warm blanket.
  • Play music from their era and sing along with the songs.
  • Bring something special to eat. Share some ice cream or her favorite sweets.
  • Visit the garden together, if possible, or just bring her some flowers.
  • Realize that your mother may eat very slowly, so don’t try to rush her.
  • If dining at a restaurant, go at an off-peak time and even consider celebrating on a different day, to reduce the noise and distractions that can come from being in a crowded place.

Whatever you do though, don’t forget your mom or friend on this special day. Remember that she may no longer be able to express her feelings but she does still have them and you have the power to impact her day in a special way.
Happy Mother’s Day
From High Plains Alzheimer’s Special Care Center
5601 So. 84th Street, Lincoln, NE 68516
Call Deb Maguire at 402-314-5290 to schedule a tour

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