▶ Lincoln Nebraska + Two Toy Cameras – YouTube

What a Beautiful City is Lincoln Nebraska – From the Air.

+ Two Toy Cameras Brandon Curtis – Published on 17 Jul 2014

I wanted to capture a few of my favorite spots in Lincoln, Nebraska to test out my two new toys. I really like getting my hands on new technologies to understand how they can be put to creative use. So for this video: time lapse filmed with Gopro, Aerial filmed with DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, edited in Final Cut X.

This was just for fun to experiment with whats possible. Filming was done in an afternoon, editing was completed in an evening. I use GPS lock, plastic propellers and 4 prop guards for control and safety.

The other motivations for this video were to film something beautiful and facilitate conversation. I wanted to show a glimpse of the amazing things Lincoln offers. People who havent been here yet need more opportunities to see it! : I also hope this gets people talking about what the technology can offer. Its not expensive gear which enables people to create, its the drive. As this video attempts to show, you can create something which appears professional, but at a consumer price point due to the rapid advance in technology, thus my play on toy cameras. Imagine what this can do for people, just in Nebraska… from creatives to agriculturalists… from students to journalists… From local business to local stories. Thats what makes it all really cool : And Lincoln has the innovative, creative class to really drive this forward.

I hope you enjoy the video! Im really sorry I wasnt able to capture more of Lincoln. I only had the one day free and no car. So I hope we can make a part 2 or 3 in the future to show the other beautiful areas were all proud of! Thank you for watching and sharing. Your excitement and support have made me really happy :CategoryPeople & BlogsLicenceStandard YouTube Licence

via ▶ Lincoln Nebraska + Two Toy Cameras – YouTube.

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