To Avoid getting stuck while flying this winter during a snow storm

From: Steve Glenn – Executive Travel
Here are 10 things you can do to avoid getting stuck while flying this winter during a snow storm  –  The arctic cold blast hit us last night and it made me think of all the ways that it affects travelers who are flying for the next four months. I recommend these 10 things to do if you are flying during the winter months.

1.   Take direct flights – Even during an average month like September almost 20% of the flights are delayed. If you take a connecting flight you have a high probability of missing a tight connection when the snow flies. A direct flight costs about $100 more but can save you from the nightmare of cancelled flights.

2.   Fly on larger airplanes – Let’s face it, when snow is falling the airports reduce the number of flights that can take off and land. The first flights cancelled are the smaller 50 – 70 passenger regional jets with the larger jets (Boeing and Airbus) all receiving highest priority.

3.   Avoid northern airports for connecting flights – Guess who has more snow cancellations, Chicago or Dallas? Even though I love Chicago it can turn into a disaster faster when the snow flies.

4.  Don’t fly out of small airports during the winter – A small airport might be served by 2 airlines with small regional jets and maybe 10 – 20 flights a day (a.k.a. Lincoln) versus a larger regional airport might have 5 airlines with 50 -70 flights a day (Omaha). Play the odds and see that you have a lot more options when flying from a larger airport.

5.   Avoid early morning flights – Those 6 am flights are usually piloted by the crew on the last arriving flight the night before. If those flights are delayed the pilots have to wait so many hours before they are allowed to fly again. Taking a mid-day flight allows you to drive to the airport during daylight hours and avoid those dark, treacherous, slick early morning roads to the airport.

6.   Leave for your vacation one day early –
I can’t tell you how many times I have warned customers to depart for their cruise a day early so they don’t miss the departure because of flight cancellations only to have them ignore my advice and a cancelled flight turns their dream vacation into a nightmare.

7.   Plan for your luggage to get lost or delayed when the snow flies –
When flights are cancelled or changed because of weather your luggage is one of the first casualties. Always take a one- day change of clothes in your carry-on luggage to save you from lost luggage. Also always keep your meds with you at all times.

8.   Plan for your airport commute to take 2-3 times the normal time –
You know what happens when roads become snow packed. Driving slows down to a trickle.

9.   Register with our FlightStats notification program – We send you automatic emails and texts when your flights are delayed, changed or cancelled.

10. You have to be crazy to not use a travel agent –
When flights are cancelled thousands of travelers are fighting to get home and standing in lines a mile long or on hold with an airline for hours on end. We monitor your flights and when winter cancellations come we proactively work to find you alternate flight options often even before you know you have a problem.  One call does it all as we can help you change your flights, car rental and hotels with a friendly voice who is committed to help get you home.

11.  Buy travel insurance (Free Bonus recommendation) –
If you are planning a vacation during the winter buying travel insurance will protect you from major winter storms that delay or cancel your flights. When your flight is delayed,  you simply stay safe and warm and reschedule your dream vacation for when the flights start back up. This is the best way to protect your investment and save you from a lot of stress.

Need information on any of the above? Call our friendly travel advisors….
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