5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

5 Secrets –

In 1910, nearly 80% of households contained a married couple. That number dropped to 48% in 2011. Although marriage as an institution may be less common and more diverse in its definition today, centenarians’ perspective on what it takes to make a happy marriage stands the test of time.

The surveyed centenarians, two-thirds of whom were married for more than 40 years, advocate getting back to basics when it comes to building a relationship that lasts.

Full story here – http://www.aplaceformom.com/blog/12-11-14-centenarian-secrets-happy-family/

  1. Make a stronger effort to communicate.
  1. Say “I love you” more often.
  1. Spend more time together.
  1. Make it work.
  1. Build mutual respect and understanding.


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