Advice – Exercise for 10 minutes before breakfast

Here’s How by Lincoln Disc and Nutrition Center 12/31/2014 One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get healthier.
I certainly hear that kind of talk around my office. Becoming healthy or healthier is certainly a worthy goal. I have come to the conclusion that we as people want to know three basic things in life.
1. That we are loved
2. That our lives have value
3. That our lives have a specific purpose
How does health fit into this paradigm you may ask? I think in several ways. First, when we have the understanding or revelation that our lives have in infinite value, we will want to take better care of ourselves. Second, when we know that we have purpose, health becomes an important step to accomplish this purpose. It is difficult, if not impossible to accomplish any purpose with chronic migraine headaches, chronic back pain, or chronic fatigue.
Many people could get rid of these maladies if they could only get healthy enough to lose some weight, or get into shape, yet for many this goal is overwhelming. So for those of you who would like to get healthier, but are intimidated by the process, I would like to make a few simple suggestions that may help you get started.
First, I strongly recommend exercising for 10 minutes before breakfast as this sets into motion the fat burning furnace of your body. Some simple calisthenics such as jumping jacks, pushups and sit-ups (crunches) would be a good start. So your morning regimen might go something like this: 20-30 jumping jacks 5 pushups [more or less based on your ability] 20 crunches Do these three exercises, rest and then repeat for another 2 sets for a total of three sets. After three sets you are done. As you get in better shape you may want to expand this simple routine, but these three simple exercises are good for a start. I include these exercises into my routine. Next, I would recommend that you eat a high fat, high protein breakfast including eggs (as long as you are not intolerant to them). Completely avoid milk and cereal, bread, juice and any of the other “normal” breakfast foods that most people eat. The eggs may be lightly fried in coconut oil, boiled, made into an omelet, scrambled, or however you want them. You may add some meat along with the eggs– just make sure your breakfast is super high protein. You may eat as many eggs as you like. If you are currently not exercising much and are eating the traditional breakfast, I can almost guarantee that you will lose weight and firm up some with this routine. You might even find that you want to expand the exercise routine to 15 minutes. You may, of course, have a health condition that need to be evaluated in my office. However I think that you will find that this routine will be a good start to help move you towards a healthier weight and more balanced metabolism.    Sincerely, Paul Firnhaber – Lincoln Disc and Nutrition Center

Upcoming Seminars
As many of you know we hold weekly 30 minute workshops on a variety of health topics. These workshops are designed to give you knowledge and information so that you can stay healthier and need me less. The workshops are held every Tuesday evening from 6:30-7:00 p.m. They are content rich and usually come with a set of notes. We invite you to come and encourage you to bring friends and family. January’s seminars are as follows:
January 6, 2015–What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is a dynamic process of uncovering the cause to your health issue. Come and find out how this method of diagnosis and treatment is becoming more and more vital in our culture to restoring health.
January 13, 2015-The Safety Pin Cycle-A great class to find out how chiropractic works
January 20, 2015-What Exactly is the Scientific Basis Behind Chiropractic-You will learn much of the great science that forms the underpinnings of chiropractic
January 27. 2015-The Health Triad-This workshop explores the interrelationships in the body between structure, emotions, and biochemistry. Please call Cindy at 402-488-2220 and reserve your seat in the classes that interest you.

Remember!! During the month of January we are running our comprehensive thyroid panel for only $135.  It will never be this reasonable again.  If you are interested in having your thyroid checked, please call our office and we will schedule you for the test

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