National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

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National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

Over 18,000 pictures were submitted to the 2014 Traveler Photo Contest, including images of ice caves, magical desert views, and intriguing scenes from cultures around the globe.

First place went to Marko Korošec’s apocalyptic photo of a storm cloud near Julesburg, Colorado, US (below). National Geographic Traveler director of photography Dan Westergren said: “This winning photo of a supercell over the plains of eastern Colorado stopped the judges in our tracks.

“What makes the picture particularly strong is that except for the cloud, the rest of the scene is quite ordinary. The crazy UFO-looking shape gives the impression that it’s going to suck up the landscape like a tablecloth into a vacuum cleaner. The unresolved tension in the image makes me want to look at it over and over.”

via The Most Astonishing Photos That Won Awards In 2014.

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