10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Aging Parent

via 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Aging Parent.

Whether an unexpected illness leads to a hospitalization or a fall requires rehabilitation at a nursing home, it’s vital that your parents have their essential legal documents in order so that you have a good picture of their state of affairs.

Are you prepared to handle difficult decisions on behalf of your aging parent? Do you know what legal planning you should have in place? You can’t predict when something might happen to your aging parent, so preparation will help in making legal and medical decisions for your loved one. Here are 10 questions to ask your senior parent to make sure your family is prepared for the unexpected.

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1. Do You Have a Durable Power of Attorney?
2. What Are Your End-of-Life Wishes?
3. Do You Have a Will or Living Trust?
4. Do You Have Long-Term Care Insurance or Another Plan in Case Long-Term Care is Required?
5. Have You Made Sure That These Documents Are Current?
6. Where Can I Find These Documents If I Ever Need Them?
7. Is Someone Advising You on Financial Matters?
8. If You Can No Longer Take Care of Yourself, Have You Thought About Where You’d Prefer Living?
9. Do You Visit the Doctor Regularly?
10. Do You Feel Like You Understand Why You’re Taking the Medicines You’ve Been Prescribed?

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Posted On 28 Jul 2014 Author Jeff Anderson attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an academic scholarship and also studied creative writing at University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus (UK). Jeff found his professional calling in 2009 when he began working with seniors and their families at A Place for Mom. His passion for helping seniors and his fondness for the written word are evident in his articles about issues affecting older adults and their families. Jeff also writes and records music under the moniker Mysterious Inventors. Additionally he’s an avid chess player and a proud parent.| Jeff Anderson’s Google+ Profile | jeffa@aplaceformom.com | 1300 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98109, USA



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