What was it like to live in a sod house?

link —> NebraskaStudies.Org.

Living in a Sod House

So, what was it like to live in a sod house? Some people found life in a sod house unendurable, others felt like they were on top of the world. It is difficult to judge the way of life by today’s standards because each person looked at their life in a slightly different way.

Bachelor preparing supper
Bachelor preparing supper (1886). 
Photo by Solomon Butcher.



For example, dirt floors were found in the majority of the early sod homes. A family that could afford them might fasten carpets to the dirt floor. In some cases, rough or planed split logs were used for flooring. But only a few could afford the luxury of wide, roughcut planks from the sawmill. Some women protested against the continual war with dirt, bugs, snakes, leaky roofs and poor lighting. Nothing ever seemed to be clean. Others seemed to take the conditions in stride

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