Volunteers Needed For Tax Help

Community Volunteers Needed For
Free Tax Help in Lincoln Area

The IRS and its partners are looking for volunteers interested in helping their community by preparing taxes for free in and around Lincoln, Neb.
Volunteers will receive training to prepare simple, non-business tax returns for people with low- to-moderate incomes through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or VITA.
“People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to volunteer,” said Linda Moody, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Center for Civic Engagement. “There is a role for anyone who is interested and wants to give back to their community.”
The Center for Civic Engagement has assumed leadership of the VITA program in the Lincoln area, and will be coordinating activities at several different sites throughout the Lancaster County.
Last tax season, volunteers helped bring back more than $5.1 million in tax refunds to the local community by preparing more than 4,500 returns.
“We’re excited to be coordinating the VITA program in the Lincoln area,” said Moody. “By providing free tax assistance, we help families maximize their refunds, and that helps our community overall.”
Anyone can be a volunteer. Volunteers can help in various capacities:
·      Return Preparer
·      Site Coordinator (Site Supervisor or Site Manager)
·      Greeter
·      Screener
·      Instructor
·      Quality Reviewer
Site coordinators may also prepare returns. The program provides volunteers with free training materials on how to prepare basic individual income tax returns and how to file them electronically. Instruction will cover both federal and State of Nebraska individual income tax returns.
Moody says training will take place between November and January. Volunteers generally study online to obtain their volunteer certification. Classroom training may also be available. Once certified, volunteers can spend as little as three to four hours per week volunteering between the months of February and April.
To volunteer, sign up at http://involved-apps.unl.edu/a/taxes/signup or call the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Center for Civic Engagement at 402-472-6150.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is one of the best ways to get IRS-free certified assistance with tax return preparation.
VITA sites in the greater Lincoln area include:
·      Asian Community & Cultural Center, 2635 O St.
·      Bennett Martin Library, 136 S. 14th St.
·      Center for People in Need, 3901 N. 27th St.
·      Good Neighbor Community Center, 2617 Y St.
·      Indian Center, 1100 Military Rd.
·      Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, 1505 S St.
·      Loren Eiseley Library, 1530 Superior St.
·      Southeast Community College, 285 S. 68th St. Place
·      UNL Tax Credit Campaign, (Center for Civic Engagement), East Union, 33rd and Holdrege  
·      Victor E. Anderson Library, 3635 Touzalin Ave.
More information about the IRS volunteer tax preparation program is available at http://www.IRS.gov <http://www.irs.gov/> , keywords ‘Tax Volunteer’.


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