Discover the Great Plains Indians book series – UNL

“Great Plains Indians” by University of Nebraska-Lincoln historical geographer David Wishart covers 13,000 years of the fascinating and dynamic history of Natives on the Great Plains.
The book is the first in the “Discover the Great Plains” small book series, published by the Center for Great Plains Studies and the University of Nebraska Press. The series will bring a variety of Great Plains topics to a general audience in short, easy-to-digest packages.
The series’ authors, experts in their fields, use personal experiences and deep knowledge to create entertaining and authoritative guides to important aspects of the region. The books bridge the gap between the specialized, often-technical writings of scientists and scholars and the interested general reader.
Wishart takes a wide-angle look at the history and lives of Natives on the Great Plains. From hunting and gathering lifestyles to current reservation conditions, Wishart gives readers a compelling introduction to Native life on the Plains.
Elizabeth Fenn, Stubbendieck Book Prize winner and Pulitzer Prize for History winner, says on the book’s back cover, “‘Great Plains Indians’ is a magnificent encapsulation of a story we all need to know.”
Forthcoming books include “Great Plains Geology” by Robert Diffendal, research geologist emeritus, UNL; “Great Plains Bison” by Dan O’Brien, wildlife biologist and bison rancher; “Great Plains Literature” by Linda Pratt, UNL professor emeritus, English; “Great Plains Weather” by Ken Dewey, applied climate science mission area leader, UNL; “Great Plains Politics” by Peter Longo, political science professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney; and “Great Plains Birds” by Larkin Powell, professor in the School of Natural Resources, UNL.

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Source: Discover the Great Plains book series | Center for Great Plains Studies | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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