FYI – Opening days is March 11, 2017

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is taking some of the first steps in the development and expansion of the Zoo on the Antelope Park Triangle.  The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department moved 12 young trees from the Triangle to other locations in Antelope Park, removed declining trees and recycled a tree for use in the department’s new office space.  Additional trees will be removed prior to the bird migratory and nesting season.  An inventory has been prepared of the trees in the Triangle, and many of them are being incorporated into the landscape plan for the expansion project.
“The Zoo will continue its history of creating and maintaining an incredibly diverse selection of plant life in the expanded area,” said Zoo President/CEO John Chapo.  “The expanded Zoo will be home to plants and trees that are native to Nebraska and will aid in storm water management.  In addition, lumber from trees removed will be used in future zoo exhibits and animal habitats.”
The Parks and Recreation Department is preparing to move its offices from just south of the Zoo to the building west of Woods Park at 32nd and O Streets now occupied by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.  The previously unoccupied third-floor office space is being renovated for use by Parks and Recreation.   Parking for the additional staff is being created in accordance with the approved master plan for Woods Park.  New landscaping will be installed around the parking lot in the spring.   Parks and Recreation plans to move in late March.
For more information about Lincoln Parks and Recreation, visit   For more information on the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, visit

Source: Lincoln Children’s Zoo

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